Are you wondering if the organization of an international wedding in Poland is a good idea? 


Do you want to know what to look for, what side and form to choose?

We will show you, what are the possibilities and we will suggest the best solutions!

Before you get to know the details, check whether Bagatela is a good choice in your case.


It will be difficult for us to meet your expectations if:

  • you think that a wedding is just a wedding and it is an exaggeration to make it a big event,
  • you are looking for a standard place for a wedding,
  • you are organizing a wedding that everyone knows
You will be pleased if:

  • you dream about organizing a wedding that is different than any other and you approach this challenge with passion
  • you have a unique idea for a wedding and you are looking for an equally unique place to implement it
  • you are looking for professional support in implementing your ideas
  • you care about the time, quality and safety of the entire wedding organization

What you get?

Safe, exlusive wedding tent

Area: 525 m2 for a maximum of 180 people

A tidy and solid tent that gives a guarantee safety and comfort – no matter what atmospheric conditions.


Space for an outdoor wedding or wishes outside

An outdoor wedding is primarily a beautiful atmosphere that is easiest to create in a beautiful place. That is why we make sure that the greenery of our plants does not require an Instagram filter, and that the grass is like a soft carpet.

At the same time, the landscape park has the consent of the Registry Office in Ostrów Wlkp. For outdoor weddings. The ceremony takes place in the most discreet conditions in the area!

Wedding planner support
(with certificate, specialization and experience)

Not everyone is born a master wedding planner, but luckily with the right support, this isn’t necessary.

We work with Katarzyna Potasznik, who is the only company in Poland that deals with the conscious organization of weddings outdoors.

Like no one, she guards the highest quality of organized weddings, your well-being and sensible choices.


Palace interiors to be used during weddings (including accommodation for guests)

Comfort and ease is a word changed by all cases by our clients.

The one associated with the interiors of the Palace is, in short, a feeling as if you were at your home, like the owners of the Bagatela Palace.

English-style garden


Rich vegetation, peace, tranquility and birds singing.

International experience of gardeners and the utmost care in plant care.

Check how many possibilities the Bagatela Landscape Park offers.


So what exactly do you get?

  • A place comprehensively adapted to the organization of weddings in the outdoors
  • Wedding planner support in wedding organization
  • Beds for the nearest guests
  • Place for the wedding ceremony
  • Facilities for organizing fixings in the form of a barbecue picnic

Extra paid options:

  • Food and catering facilities
  • Decorations
  • Coordination of the wedding day by the wedding planner
  • Musical setting
  • Chill out options
  • Wedding lighting scenography
  • Additional attractions: photographic, bartending, culinary and other

The value of the above package starts from PLN 25,000 net.

Let us know what you need.
Fill out the form and we will contact you!



Bagatela Palace of the Radziwiłł Princes
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